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mysqldump на FreeBSD

Просто несколько заметок об утилите mysqldump. Создание полной резервной копии базы: # mysqldump -uDBUSER -pPASSWORD DBNAME > filename.sql или # mysqldump –user=username –password=password DBNAME > filename.sql Если Вам необходимо создать резервную копию сразу нескольких баз данных, Вы можете использовать параметр -B (или -databases) mysqldump -uDBUSER -pPASSWORD -B DBNAME1 DBNAME2 > filename.sql Для создания полного дампа [...]

Ncftp – ftp client for freebsd(ncftpput).

Ncftp is good ftp client for freebsd – install ncftp freebsd: #cd /usr/ports/ftp/ncftp3 && make install clean #rehash create ftp config file: #touch /home/config/ftp.conf – add information about ftp-server to /home/config/ftp.conf: host user ftpuser pass ftpfassword and finally wonderful command: ncftpput -f /home/anton/ftp.conf /backups /backup/forupload/* /home/anton/ftp.conf- is ftp-connection information /backups – folder on ftp-server [...]

Backup freebsd howto with fsbackup

Fsbackup is a good and simple freebsd backup software for backuping your information. When you finish read this article you will be able to backup on freebsd your data automatically on the local directory or remote ftp server. 1.First of all we are going to install port fsbackup: #cd /usr/ports/sysutils/fsbackup && make install clean this [...]

Software RAID-1 on FreeBSD gmirror howto

freebsd geom mirror howto I did RAID-1 on the FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE with two identical HDD – WD15EARS (1,5Tb) I think you can use any hhd on condition that firs device have to be smoller size than second. in my case: – FreeBSD detect it as ad10 and ad16 – System has been installed in ad10 [...]

Create SVN repository

Hello! Today I would like tell you how to quickly install server subversion (svn) and creat repository. The following instructions applies to install svn in FreeBSD certainly. SVN (Subversion) is a version control system – useful instrument for developers who works on large-scale project. I should draw your attention: it isn’t full manual about svn [...]