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So begin…

Hello, dear visitor! I am begin this blog because i want progress my experience and writing articles help me in it! I would like to take an interest a lot of people. I will be happy if anybody will have some advantage. PS: I am always ready to have dialogue.

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  1. greetings My name is Patrick, and I am a FreeBSD fan, also I like OpenBSD
    I use them both. I am self taught, so I do not know very much, but enjoy learning. I found a useful post here about changing root passwd on FreeBSD.
    I know how to do it on OpenBSD, but have never done it on FreeBSD before.
    I like FreeBSD also because PF works on it and I like PF as a firewall.
    I also like kde4 along with enlightenment and wmaker I have used them all.
    Well thanks for your post.
    Best Wishes

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