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1030 – Got error -1 from storage engine

I am using on one project InnoDB type of tables. There is very important have actual data. So I am actively using foreign keys for tables linking. And once I came across problem when tried to delete from table (`group`) which linked by foreign key with another table (`subgroup`) which linked by foreign key with [...]

Batch convert files using iconv

Converting file from KOI8-R to utf-8: #iconv -f KOI8-R -t utf-8 originalfile > newfile You can change KOIR-8 and utf-8 to yours. Batch converting files from folder: #mkdir new; for a in $(find . -name “*.php”); do iconv -f KOI8-R -t utf-8 <”$a” >new/”$a” ; done It will make “new” directory with converted files.

mysqldump on FreeBSD

Just a few notes about mysqldump. Create dump of mysql base: # mysqldump -uDBUSER -pPASSWORD DBNAME > filename.sql or # mysqldump –user=username –password=password DBNAME > filename.sql if you need to make dump of a few databases you can use parametr -B (or –databases): mysqldump -uDBUSER -pPASSWORD -B DBNAME1 DBNAME2 > filename.sql Make dump of the [...]

Perl: Premature end of script headers

Internal Server Error 500 This error appeared when I tried run IPN script for paypal. httpd-error logs: Perl: Premature end of script headers A long time I have tried to fix it by sending headers like: print “Content-type: text/plain\n\n”; но безуспешно. The problem was just in DOS newline format. Just need change format from DOS/WIN [...]