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RapidSVN – gui svn client for FreeBSD

Everybody who worked with svn knows fine svn client for windows TortoiseSVN. But what are we have similar for the linux (especially for FreeBSD). “True”-developers will say “I use console svn client and don’t want anything else” and will be right. Although many users wants user-friendly interface. So, today I want introduce you svn client [...]

Problem with svn: Cannot negotiate authentication mechanism

I have installed svn server on FreeBSD with sasl authentication. Here is config of my repository: [general] anon-access = none auth-access = write realm = project [sasl] use-sasl = true min-encryption = 128 max-encryption = 256 I have face the challenge when I tried to “svn checkout” repository from the Fedora 8: #svn checkout svn:// [...]

How to movie a Subversion Repository to Another Server.

It’s also possible for create copyes svn repositoryes or create svn backups. $svnadmin dump /svnroot/repository > name.dmp After that you can compress dump file and get it to your server where you want create copy of you repository. Create a new repository: $svnadmin create /svnroot/repository import dump in new repository $svnadmin load /svnroot/repository < name.dmp [...]

Create SVN repository

Hello! Today I would like to tell you how to quickly install server subversion (svn) and creat repository. The following instructions applies to install svn in FreeBSD certainly. SVN (Subversion) is a version control system – useful instrument for developers who works on large-scale project. I should draw your attention: it isn’t full manual about [...]