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Setting Up the Sound card on FreeBSD 8.1

The simplest way to setting up sound on FreeBSD to load universal kernel module kldload: howtobsd# kldload snd_driver snd_driver is driver, that include itself supporting the most popular sound card drivers. But I think better to install kernel with support exactly yours sound card. For this way we have to identify device model: slim# pciconf [...]

Openmeetings – video conferencing server on FreeBSD

Openmeetings – is open source video conferencing server on FreeBSD Requirements: Openoffice 3.0 or latest Mysql-Server5 (or PostgreSQL) jdk16 (openjdk6, diablo-jdk1.6.0) swftools ImageMagick I hadn’t had swftools and OpenOffice (and i was really upset the fact that I had to install OpenOffice on FreeBSD server) I couldn’t install it from packages because many ports had [...]