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SSH key authentication freebsd

Too difficult to imagine Unix OS’s administrator which does not use ssh protocol (Secure SHell). In this how-to I would like to show how easy to use SSH Public Key Based Authentication. The most useful benefits for me in key authentication: ssh authentication without password ssh login from shell scripts security There are just two [...]

How to change hostname on FreeBSD

For change hostname to ‘’ you should edit /etc/rc.conf: hostname=”” You also can change hostname without reboot by command: #hostname but after reboot i will return on value in rc.conf check current hostname: hostname

Update freebsd ports collection with cvsup

If you have just installed FreeBSD from CD\DVD, first that you need to do – update ports collection freebsd (update freebsd ports tree) and src files from repositories. With cvsup update ports collection isn’t difficult. Install cvsup: #cd /usr/ports/net/cvsup-without-gui/ #make install clean Copy and edit supfile (I describe only ports tree upfating process. Src updating [...]