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How to mount iso image in FreeBSD

It is very actual question “mount iso in freebsd“. However mounting of iso is very easy. Let’s make sure it: Firstly we need to make virtual device for our iso image (use mdconfig for it): howtobsd# mdconfig -a -f /path_to_iso/Mac_OS_X.iso md0 md0 (command return) – it is name of virtual device (should appear in /dev/md0). [...]

HDD head parking on FreeBSD (Load_Cycle_Count)

Usually  hdd for notebooks (and some models for desktop, for example models of  WD Caviar Green series) includes function of head parking for powersave. This function parks heads after few seconds of inactivity.A lot of head parkings isn’t good for hdd. You can check your smart data using utility smartmontools: howtobsd# smartctl -a /dev/ad0 | [...]

S.M.A.R.T. for FreeBSD (smartmontools)

S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring hdd, Analysis, and Reporting Technology). This monitoring system support practically all hdd disks. You have to install smartmontools for working with smart on FreeBSD. I suggest you have alredy installed it. #smartctl -a /dev/ad1 This command show you many various indicatos about your disk (rate of hardware read errors, count of reallocated sectors, [...]

How to move FreeBSD system from one hdd to another.

It’s can be useful, when you current hard drive disk too small or going out of order. I’ve moved my FreeBSD system with this simple method twice. At last I’ve moved System from production server. New hdd has added in software RAID-1 and work correct.So, I think you won’t have some kind of problem. Any [...]

Software RAID-1 on FreeBSD gmirror howto

freebsd geom mirror howto I did RAID-1 on the FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE with two identical HDD – WD15EARS (1,5Tb) I think you can use any hhd on condition that firs device have to be smoller size than second. in my case: – FreeBSD detect it as ad10 and ad16 – System has been installed in ad10 [...]

FreeBSD 7.2 and Silicon Image Sil 3112 SATA Controller

Sil3112 SATA Controller FreeBSD 7.2