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How to mount iso image in FreeBSD

It is very actual question “mount iso in freebsd“. However mounting of iso is very easy. Let’s make sure it:

Firstly we need to make virtual device for our iso image (use mdconfig for it):
howtobsd# mdconfig -a -f /path_to_iso/Mac_OS_X.iso

md0 (command return) – it is name of virtual device (should appear in /dev/md0).
you can check if it appeared in /dev:
howtobsd# ls /dev/ | grep md0

And now we just need to mount virtual device:

howtobsd# mount_cd9660 /dev/md0 /cdrom

That’s all, your iso image available in /cdrom directory.

If you need to unmount and delete virtual device, do following commands:
howtobsd# umount /cdrom
mdconfig -d -u md0

3 Responses to “How to mount iso image in FreeBSD”

  1. ls /dev/ | grep md0 ? Srsly, guy? What’s next? echo * | grep?

  2. ha-ha, nice )) thanks for your question )

  3. I think he means that it would be less typing and more correct to simply type “ls /dev/md0″, which would do the same thing but with less complexity