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subsystem request for sftp

When I try to connect by FileZilla to server I get error: Nov 28 08:25:51 server01 sshd[19577]: Accepted password for root from port 55070 ssh2 Nov 28 08:25:51 server01 sshd[19577]: subsystem request for sftp Nov 28 08:25:51 server01 sshd[19577]: error: subsystem: cannot stat /usr/libexec/sftp-server: No such file or directory Nov 28 08:25:51 server01 sshd[19577]: [...]

Installation Redmine on FreeBSD

Perhaps you know redmine ported in FreeBSD and first of all I tried to install it: #cd /usr/ports/www/redmine ===> redmine-1.2.1_1 is marked as broken: Does not work with RubyGems 1.8. *** Error code 1 Stop in /usr/ports/www/redmine. Sure. You wouldn’t read this post if process had been done successfully Maintainer of this port marked this [...]

How to mount iso image in FreeBSD

It is very actual question “mount iso in freebsd“. However mounting of iso is very easy. Let’s make sure it: Firstly we need to make virtual device for our iso image (use mdconfig for it): howtobsd# mdconfig -a -f /path_to_iso/Mac_OS_X.iso md0 md0 (command return) – it is name of virtual device (should appear in /dev/md0). [...]

mysqldump on FreeBSD

Just a few notes about mysqldump. Create dump of mysql base: # mysqldump -uDBUSER -pPASSWORD DBNAME > filename.sql or # mysqldump –user=username –password=password DBNAME > filename.sql if you need to make dump of a few databases you can use parametr -B (or –databases): mysqldump -uDBUSER -pPASSWORD -B DBNAME1 DBNAME2 > filename.sql Make dump of the [...]

SSH key authentication freebsd

Too difficult to imagine Unix OS’s administrator which does not use ssh protocol (Secure SHell). In this how-to I would like to show how easy to use SSH Public Key Based Authentication. The most useful benefits for me in key authentication: ssh authentication without password ssh login from shell scripts security There are just two [...]

RapidSVN – gui svn client for FreeBSD

Everybody who worked with svn knows fine svn client for windows TortoiseSVN. But what are we have similar for the linux (especially for FreeBSD). “True”-developers will say “I use console svn client and don’t want anything else” and will be right. Although many users wants user-friendly interface. So, today I want introduce you svn client [...]

How to install skype on FreeBSD 8.1

The problem with installing skype on FreeBSD: /usr/ports/net/skype12/ – installing, but doesn’t work. /usr/ports/net/skype/ – doesn’t installing: #cd  /usr/ports/net/skype/ #make install clean ===> skype-,1 is marked as broken: This is the last version of skype that works on FreeBSD, but the distfile is no longer available from the vendor, and won’t be in the future. [...]

Openmeetings – video conferencing server on FreeBSD

Openmeetings – is open source video conferencing server on FreeBSD Requirements: Openoffice 3.0 or latest Mysql-Server5 (or PostgreSQL) jdk16 (openjdk6, diablo-jdk1.6.0) swftools ImageMagick I hadn’t had swftools and OpenOffice (and i was really upset the fact that I had to install OpenOffice on FreeBSD server) I couldn’t install it from packages because many ports had [...]

How to Install KDE4 on FreeBSD 8.1

How to Install KDE4 on FreeBSD 8.1 1. Before installing you have to update ports tree: 2. Installing #cd /usr/ports/x11/xorg #make install clean create a configuration file by command: #Xorg -configure and copy this file: #cp /root/ /etc/X11/xorg.conf for testing Xorg: #Xorg -config -retro if installation have been completed is correct – [...]

Update freebsd ports collection with cvsup

If you have just installed FreeBSD from CD\DVD, first that you need to do – update ports collection freebsd (update freebsd ports tree) and src files from repositories. With cvsup update ports collection isn’t difficult. Install cvsup: #cd /usr/ports/net/cvsup-without-gui/ #make install clean Copy and edit supfile (I describe only ports tree upfating process. Src updating [...]