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RapidSVN – gui svn client for FreeBSD

Everybody who worked with svn knows fine svn client for windows TortoiseSVN. But what are we have similar for the linux (especially for FreeBSD).
“True”-developers will say “I use console svn client and don’t want anything else” and will be right. Although many users wants user-friendly interface.
So, today I want introduce you svn client for FreeBSD – RapidSVN.


#cd /usr/ports/devel/rapidsvn
#make install clean

after that checkout your work copy from repository and enjoy.
I very need the suitable diff in svn client. RapidSVN doesn’t include diff tool but we can choose external program.
install diff tool for FreeBSD – dirdiff:
#cd /usr/ports/sysutils/dirdiff
#make install clean

and put location in settings of Rapidsvn(Settings->Programs->Diff Tool ):

If you know any better svn client for FreeBSD I will glad to learn it of from yours comments.

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